A  little bit of information about Lin...

Studio in the Back
Red Door Studio
located at 2736C Robinson Road                             

Denton, TX  76210         

Lin Hampton works through her Artistic Demons by approaching her ideas as a Series. Her current series explores the world of still, blue and deep water. Does this reflect a metaphor of old existence? Well, it is mysterious. Lin prefers oils, but also works in acrylic and pastel.

A long time resident of Denton, Texas, Lin is active in the Visual Arts Society and has competed and placed in National and Regional Competitions, including an award of the Grumbacher Gold Medallion.

Lin Hampton believes in experiencing life deeply.  She has worked at many different careers, but has always yearned to simply spend her days in the studio, devoured by Creativity. You can visit her at the Red Door Studio on Robinson Road, where she teaches ART on Wednesday and Thursday, and paints every moment she can.