I use a contemporary, distinctive brushstroke to render my work in a traditional view of everyday life, utilizing oils on canvas or wood panel, or pastel on board. My work has developed over the years into a very distinctive process and “signature style”.

What inspires me to transform a particular landscape or figure into a two dimensional image, comes from the “spirit” of the subject. If you look closely at my work, you might sometimes find little hidden items, scenes within a scene, or a symbol created with my unique “marks”. As I create, I incorporate my thoughts and ideas into my work.

Frequently, I carry a scene or a composition inside of my head for months, even years, before I begin to work on it. Sometimes I even feel I have painted the subject in my sleep. Once I actually start my creative process, the magic begins. The experience is like a Time Machine as hours fall away, my senses are altered, and it seems like the piece practically paints itself.

My appetite for Painting is voracious. I find myself physically and emotionally charged after completing a work that I have carried in my mind. Once it is complete, there is an empty place inside, until I select my next subject and the cycle begins again.

In order to choose a subject, I must be deeply involved with it. Generally sensory value or a feeling is attached to it. My goal is to share my sensory experience, through my visual representation and gift it to you - the Viewer.

We might not know one another, but my hope is that the emotion and secrets that are embedded in my work will somehow connect us.